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5 things you are afraid of, although they are good for you

What should you not be afraid of?  A red-haired woman is sitting on the beach with her eyes closed

5 things you are afraid of, although they are good for you

1. Failure and failure

Admittedly, failures are not exactly funny. They miss us really bad dampers and scratch our self-confidence properly. But we survive them, often intact and with a few more experiences - and that should outweigh our short-term, bad feeling. The problem with fear of failure is that it often creates a fear of trying. But if we don't try anything, nothing can succeed. On the other hand, the more often we fail and experience that the world does not perish, the more courageously and openly we take on new challenges. 

2. Changes

Almost all people are afraid of change because they are always associated with uncertainty: do they make our lives better or worse? We prefer to hold onto something that we know and that we know we can handle rather than choose the unknown. But changes also offer us a wonderful opportunity: to discover new sides and abilities in us and to learn more about life than what we already know. Strictly speaking, life consists of changes anyway, nothing stays the way it is. In this respect, our fear of it doesn't help us anyway, except maybe that we may delay changes because of them or oppose them until we can't. But wouldn't it be nicer and much more elegant 

3. Let go

What scares us about letting go is, among other things, that we give up something we are used to holding on to. It may not sound terrible, but in practice, it is extremely difficult. But the good thing about letting go is that it makes it easier for us and creates space for something new. 

4. Criticism

Getting negative feedback always feels stupid. After all, we like it when others find who we are and what we do good
(unless we're a rebel teen and it's about our parents or teachers). But criticism has something good, regardless of the content, whether it is constructive and we can improve with its help: it teaches us that it is not necessary to be found well by others! Only when we get criticism do we experience that we can put it away. And that other people's opinions don't make us worse. No matter what we do and how hard we try, we can never make it right for all of us anyway. But when our fear of criticism is on our necks, it is difficult to accept that ...

5. Errors

Making mistakes is part of life. Through them, we learn and grow beyond ourselves. The main reason that we are afraid of mistakes is that we are attentive and try hard - completely okay! But if the fear becomes too great, it can lead to us not admitting our mistakes (and consequently not learning from them) or not daring to do something wrong (and thus giving up the chance to develop ourselves further) and become more confident).  

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