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Fight cellulite: This sport is the most effective!

Fight cellulite: jogger grabs her thigh

Fight cellulite: These sports are extremely effective!

Muck is put you in a good mood - and can help you to feel better. Because where there are muscles, orange peel has bad maps. The female need for more muscle strength is growing steadily, says Ingo Froböse, professor at the German Sport University Cologne.
And it's not about a bodybuilder silhouette: "I've been observing for some time that women want to be more athletic. Now they know that there is no reason to be afraid of Popeye arms if you exercise properly. Muscles are 13 percent heavier than fat but firmer, and they displace the fat cells. Nobody has to be afraid of gaining weight. "
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Muscles displace fat cells

A simple concept: who builds muscle fibers displaces the fat cells. This is where the C-word comes into play: celluliteThe main reason for orange peel is the loss of elasticity of the connective tissue, as a result of which the fatty tissue can spread more easily and push upwards through the rod-shaped strands of connective tissue. In addition, women have thinner skin than men, hormone-related more fat on the thighs, and tend to store water in the tissue.
"A combination of strength and endurance training stimulates the biochemistry of the metabolism, drains, and improves the inner life of the muscles," explains Professor Froböse. 
The result: the orange peel becomes less hilly. The dents will not go away completely, but they can be mitigated and new ones prevented.

Train short and crisp

Can You Really Train Cellulite? According to studies, intensive, short training gets energy metabolism going much faster than moderate strength-endurance training. Many workout programs such as the "Short Intensive Training" "SIT" build on this principle with approx. 18 minutes. The workout was developed by the Hamburg sports expert Marco Santoro - it should be completed three to four times a week.
Also, regeneration days are important because the muscle grows only in the recovery time. Since it is really (!) Exhausting, untrained people should start with an approximately one-month familiarization phase (e.g. joggingor light workoutthen start with half of the given rates and slowly increase). Those who are already trained can start right away.

Fighting cellulite - our insider tips

To try it out, we have selected an "SIT" unit with the four best firming agents for your buttocks and legs. Plus nutritional and beauty tips. Then the summer can come ...

"SIT" unit

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