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Lose weight without hunger: this is how it really works!

Lose weight without hunger: woman secretly eats fast food

Lose weight without hunger: the basics

The principle of losing weight is always the same: we have to absorb fewer calories than we consume. And if possible, these calories should come from healthy foods that keep you full for a long time and provide us with all the nutrients we need. As a rule, we should eat three main meals - and in between, if necessary, one or two healthy snacks such as nuts or vegetable sticks.

Movement, movement, movement

Exercise is just as important as healthy eating when losing weight without hunger. It not only protects against numerous diseases but also gets your metabolism going and strengthens our muscles. We should exercise moderately two to three times a week for at least 30 minutes each. The following applies: the more, the better. Endurance sports such as cycling, swimming, or jogging are particularly suitable. Losing weight without exercise can work, but it takes much longer!

Lose weight without starving - with this nutrition plan!

These tips will help you lose weight healthy and satisfied - without the annoying feeling of hunger!

1. Limit carbohydrates in the evening

Most find it difficult to do without carbohydrates altogether: potatoes, pasta, bread, and Co. are simply too tasty! We don't have to cut these things off the menu completely - if we can do without them in the evening, that's a good start. Because carbohydrates affect the release of insulin, which can slow down fat loss.
 It is better to rely on proteins from protein-rich food in the evening - that means, for example, eating curd cheese, eggs, cheese, low-fat meat, and vegetables. You don't go to bed hungry, because proteins keep you full for a long time. The quark diet, for example, goes well with this.
Extra tip low-carb: If you want to follow the classic low-carb diet, you also limit yourself to a small portion of carbohydrates at lunchtime - for example, three potatoes with a large portion of vegetables and a piece of chicken breast.

2. Make sure you drink enough

We cannot say it often enough: at least two liters of water a day should be mandatory, the more the better. This is not only healthy, it also helps us lose weight without hunger: A large glass of water directly before a meal has been proven to ensure that we eat less and therefore consume fewer calories.

3. Eat only when you are hungry

Too often we let ourselves be tempted to eat, even though we are not really hungry at all. Therefore, make sure that you only eat when you are hungry and not because the watch is giving you the typical time for lunch.

4. Beware of minor sins on the diet

Small sins add up quickly - and through them, we often lose track of what we have actually eaten. At best, we should completely refrain from watching TV chips and dessert pudding. It often helps to treat yourself to a little candy a day so that you don't develop cravings at some point.

5. Put on whole grains

White flour products have a lot of carbohydrates and therefore little healthy fiber. Bread, toast, and the like make blood sugar levels rise quickly - but they drop even faster. And that makes us hungry again. In order to lose weight without being hungry, we should replace white flour products with a healthier whole-grain variety. Whole-grain bread, pasta, and more not only fill you up longer, they also contain more nutrients than white flour products.

6. Avoid finished products

Finished products like pizza should only be included in your diet plan in exceptional cases. Because they contain only a few nutrients, but a lot of fat, sugar, and salt - the Germans eat too much of everything. It's well known that sugar can make you sick and fat, but salt also stands in the way of losing weight. Because it ensures that the body binds water, which can lead to swelling. And this is also noticeable on the scales! The best way to cook your own food is to know what is in the meal. For example, you can use herbs instead of salt.

7. Take your time to eat

We often only eat on the side while the television is on, for example. As a result, we shovel the food into ourselves too quickly, do not chew enough and our feeling of fullness only begins when the whole plate is already empty. Because it takes around 20 minutes for the brain to get the signal "full". Those who eat slowly eat an average of up to 10 percent fewer calories than someone who devours. Therefore, there should be no sources of distraction when eating: turn on the TV sit down and slowly enjoy bite by bite.

8. Exchange wisely

It doesn't always have to be the thick butter on the bread - low- fat curd is a good alternative for your eating plan. Then vegetables on top and we start the day healthy! For example, a slice of whole-grain bread with cucumber, peppers, and radishes only has 180 calories (kcal). And who at lunchtime instead of the greasy rump steak on the lean chicken variant consumes only 127 kcal at 100 grams. 
You can find even more tips if your pounds are mainly on the stomach in the article Losing weight on the stomachAnd if you're constantly hungry, the Volumetrics diet might be the program for you!

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