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These 10 tips will cool you down

Heat tips

36 degrees and it gets hotter? That screams for cooling! Here are 10 tips against heat - so you can get fresh through the summer!

Wonderful, our wonderful summer weather - but sometimes very hot! And those who are not able to spend the hours of sunshine at the nearest swimming lake often long after cooling offThat is exactly why we have put together ten effective tips against heat for you. So you come through the summer with a cool head.

Anti-heat tip 1: Cooling down for hotheads

If you have to sit in the office in tropical temperatures, you can always fog your face with a moisture spray. This refreshes and nourishes the skin at the same time: additives such as sorbitol and glycerol have a moisture-binding effect, aromas such as orange and lime stimulate, mineral, and especially thermal water soothing. It is best to gently tumble in the fine droplets with your fingertips - stimulating like a summer rain!
If you are not in the office, you can alternatively get a paddling pool for the balcony. Because what could be better than dipping your feet in ice-cold water - with a cool drink in your hand.

Anti-heat tip 2: Cold kick through ice cubes

A little rubbing with ice cubes that slowly melt on the skin is more than cool: it also trains the vessels, tightens the tissue, and is therefore ideal for the cleavage and thighs. So that the skin does not get a cold shock and we stay nice and fresh: just run over it briefly with a cube or wrap several cubes with a washcloth.

Anti-heat tip 3: Start the day fresh

After showering, do not rub the body with the normal body lotion - instead, use Bodytonic instead. Ingredients such as mint, tangerine, lemon, basil, ginger, cardamom or coriander are particularly refreshing. Even better: store the Bodytonic in the refrigerator. Freshness kick guaranteed!

Anti-heat tip 4: Cool UV protection

Sun care with ice cube effect ensures goose bumps even in tropical temperatures. The secret: an extra dose of menthol. Many manufacturers now have cooling sun protection and after-sun products in their range. Spray on, brrrrr and off to the sun!

Anti-heat tip 5: powder trick

Not only Asian women swear by body powder to make them heat-free. The beautiful dust absorbs sweat beads like a blotter and has a pleasantly cooling effect. Tip for wet hands: Just sprinkle a little baby powder on top and blur slightly.

Anti-Hize Tip 6: Cool massage

Sounds simple, but works great with hot flashes: Dip the middle fingertips in ice-cold water and touch the temples with light pressure. The cooling effect starts immediately.

Anti-heat tip 7: Become a warm shower

No matter how hot it gets: Please don't shower off cold! Due to the cold, the pores contract in a flash, the heat can be dissipated more poorly, and you sweat even more. Better: shower only lukewarm.

Anti-heat tip 8: tea for dry times

Sage is an unbeatable remedy for anyone who sweats a lot in summer. The herb reduces perspiration. It is best to drink two cups of sage tea throughout the day. Also great: take a bath with sage on sweaty feet.

Anti-heat tip 9: Refreshing snacks

And another tip from the Asians: In traditional Chinese medicine, foods are classified into warm, hot, and cold - depending on how they affect the body. Apple, pear, kiwi, orange, and watermelon are said to cool and refresh the body.

Anti-heat tip 10: hair up and coneflower

Sounds banal, but it does a lot: Long manes are better tied up in hot temperatures. This is how the air comes to the forehead and neck. It is best to protect your scalp outdoors with a sun hat because nothing helps better against UV rays.

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