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You save a lot of money with these clever fashion tricks

Stubborn stains, jamming zipper, worn tops? No reason to throw the clothes away right away. With these hacks, you can save them and save a lot of money. 
Fashion tricks: sewing kit
The short life of our garments is often frightening. During our grandmothers' wardrobe care of and still have ancient clothes that look like new, we give up our clothes as soon as they have only one hole. Not anymore! Because with these household hacks you bring your clothes back up to date.

1. Zipper stuck?

The jeans fit, but the zipper is stuck? No reason to worry! A crayon or candle comes to the rescue. Simply rub some of the wax on the zipper and move the zipper back and forth. This makes the closure supple again. 

2. Reinforce buttons 

The buttons on shirts and blouses often unintentionally come off. Sure, you can sew them on again. But to make sure it doesn't get that far, it helps to tighten the button as soon as you notice that it is loosening. To do this, varnish some clear varnish on the buttons and the thread through which the buttons are sewn on. So they last a lot longer!

3. Widen shoes

Who does not know it? You strike enthusiastically in the sale and sometimes take shoe size 39 - even though you have 40. Alright! But bubbles quickly show that this was probably not a good idea. You do not have to return your bargain. Take a waterproof zip-up bag, fill it with water, and put it in your shoes. Then place the couple in the freezer overnight. The water expands when it freezes and thus widens the shoes.

4. Garment received?

ts that have been turned into mini versions when you wash them too hot can be saved very easily. How? Simply place the affected part in warm water for five minutes and add a little hair conditioner or baby shampoo. Let it soak, then pull it back into shape and pretend that nothing ever happened.

5. Yellow armpit spots?

On white shirts, in particular, yellow sweat stains appear under the armpits when worn a lot, which do not go away even during the hot wash. There harder guns have to be brought up - and they work like this: Dissolve a tablespoon (about 15 grams) of citric acid in a liter of warm water. Allow the t-shirt to soak for four hours and then wash it directly in your normal laundry. Bye-bye yellow spots!

6. Linty clothes?

Unsightly lint and nodules on clothing make them look worn away quickly. You can easily remove the annoying things with a wet razor. Place the garment on a table and gently pull the shaver over the affected area. Warning: Do not pull at an angle, otherwise the fabric could be damaged. It is better to start tenderly and increase the pressure slightly if necessary. 

7. Threaded hood tape? 

A lost ribbon in a hood or sweatpants is particularly annoying. Even vehement crushing and pulling doesn't help. However, what works wonderfully is the straw trick. Pull out the ribbon completely, pull one end through a straw, and staple it. Then pull the straw with the ribbon through the hole until it appears on the other side. Then loosen the staple again.

8. Faded colors?

We all know how quickly black pants fade when washed. If we were to buy a new pair of jeans every time, we might be broke. Better: make clothes with textile dyes shine again. Simply put the color with the fabrics in the washing machine, select the Easy Care program at 60 degrees, and then wash the colored laundry again at a maximum of 40 degrees in the delicate program. Saddam - like new!
With all the hacks with which you have something of your favorite pieces for much longer, you make Grandma proud yourself.

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